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<datastore> <nextgroup><![CDATA[<a href="/module/jslib/jquery/jpage/dataproxy.jsp?page=1&appid=1&appid=1&webid=3&path='/'&columnid=406&unitid=4441&webname='Shandong State-owned Assets Investment Holdings Co., Ltd'&permissiontype=0"></a>]]></nextgroup> <recordset> <ul class="news_qyxw"></ul><record><![CDATA[ <li> <h3><a href="/art/2018/4/8/art_406_7106.html">Debut in North American: Inspur OpenPOWER9 Server Has Completed OSS Adaptation</a></h3> <div class="news_ly"><span>Source:</span> Release Time:<span class="qyxw_date">2018-04-08</span></div> <p><a href="/art/2018/4/8/art_406_7106.html"> Debut in North American: Inspur OpenPOWER9 Server Has Completed OSS Adaptation 2018 OpenPOWER summit was held in Las Vegas, the United States on March 19 (local time). Inspur showed its new server ......</a></p> </li>]]></record> <record><![CDATA[ <li> <h3><a href="/art/2018/4/8/art_406_7105.html">First case in China! Jinan Government Cloud Undertaken by Inspur Passed the Advanced Government Cloud Evaluation</a></h3> <div class="news_ly"><span>Source:</span> Release Time:<span class="qyxw_date">2018-04-08</span></div> <p><a href="/art/2018/4/8/art_406_7105.html"> First case in China! Jinan Government Cloud Undertaken by Inspur Passed the Advanced Government Cloud Evaluation "OSCAR Cloud Computing Open Source Industry Conference" was held by CAICT in Beijing......</a></p> </li>]]></record> <record><![CDATA[ <li> <h3><a href="/art/2017/2/7/art_406_6471.html">Inspur Gains the Large-scale First-level Enterprise Qualification of Domestic First Batch of Information System Integration and Service</a></h3> <div class="news_ly"><span>Source:</span> Release Time:<span class="qyxw_date">2017-02-07</span></div> <p><a href="/art/2017/2/7/art_406_6471.html"> On December 8, China Electronic Information Industry Association Information System Integration Qualification Office officially issued the first batch certificate of "information system integration......</a></p> </li>]]></record> <record><![CDATA[ <li> <h3><a href="/art/2017/2/7/art_406_6470.html">Inspur Won the Award of the Influencing Enterprise of China Information Industry in 2016</a></h3> <div class="news_ly"><span>Source:</span> Release Time:<span class="qyxw_date">2017-02-07</span></div> <p><a href="/art/2017/2/7/art_406_6470.html"> On December 23, Annual Economic Meeting of 2016 China Information Industry was held in Beijing. Known as the "development benchmark of China's information industry", China's Annual Economic Meeting......</a></p> </li>]]></record> <record><![CDATA[ <li> <h3><a href="/art/2017/2/7/art_406_6469.html">13 Projects of Shandong Water Conservancy Co., Ltd</a></h3> <div class="news_ly"><span>Source:</span> Release Time:<span class="qyxw_date">2017-02-07</span></div> <p><a href="/art/2017/2/7/art_406_6469.html"> Recently, the Shandong Provincial Water Resources Department announced the list of “Lushui Cup” Premium Water Conservancy Project in Shandong Province in 2016. 13 projects constructed by Shandong W......</a></p> </li>]]></record> <record><![CDATA[ <li> <h3><a href="/art/2017/2/7/art_406_6468.html">Zhonglu Cold Storage Company Won the Title of “Top 20 Enterprises in Cold Chain Logitics of Shandong Logistics and Purchase Industry between 2015 and 2016”</a></h3> <div class="news_ly"><span>Source:</span> Release Time:<span class="qyxw_date">2017-02-07</span></div> <p><a href="/art/2017/2/7/art_406_6468.html"> On the morning of December 9, 2016, Shandong Province Logistics and Purchasing Association held the "Annual Meeting of 2016 Shandong Province Logistics and Purchasing Industry" in Qingzhou, Weifang......</a></p> </li>]]></record> <record><![CDATA[ <li> <h3><a href="/art/2016/12/18/art_406_6475.html">The Joint Company of Inspur and CISCO Is Launched and Formally Put into Operation</a></h3> <div class="news_ly"><span>Source:</span> Release Time:<span class="qyxw_date">2016-12-18</span></div> <p><a href="/art/2016/12/18/art_406_6475.html"> On November 11, 2016, Inspur Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as Inspur) and Cisco jointly announced the joint venture company - Inspur Cisco Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established and ......</a></p> </li>]]></record> <record><![CDATA[ <li> <h3><a href="/art/2016/12/18/art_406_6474.html">Luzi Venture Company Adopts Multiple Measures and the Investment Projects Have Initial Effects</a></h3> <div class="news_ly"><span>Source:</span> Release Time:<span class="qyxw_date">2016-12-18</span></div> <p><a href="/art/2016/12/18/art_406_6474.html"> Luzi Venture Co., Ltd. completed the transition from the provincial investment company tightly owned enterprise to the general ownership in 2016. The company adheres to the provincial investment co......</a></p> </li>]]></record> <record><![CDATA[ <li> <h3><a href="/art/2016/12/18/art_406_6473.html">Vidar Company of Water Conservancy Project Bureau Co., Ltd Won the Invention Patent</a></h3> <div class="news_ly"><span>Source:</span> Release Time:<span class="qyxw_date">2016-12-18</span></div> <p><a href="/art/2016/12/18/art_406_6473.html"> Recently, one invention patent of Vidar Environment Tech Co., Ltd held by Water Conservancy Project Bureau Co., Ltd won authorization of the State Intellectual Property Office. The patent name is "......</a></p> </li>]]></record> <record><![CDATA[ <li> <h3><a href="/art/2016/12/18/art_406_6472.html">Water Conservancy Project Bureau Co., Ltd Won 2016 National Engineering Construction Enterprise Social Credit Evaluation AAA Grade</a></h3> <div class="news_ly"><span>Source:</span> Release Time:<span class="qyxw_date">2016-12-18</span></div> <p><a href="/art/2016/12/18/art_406_6472.html"> Recently, the China Construction Enterprise Management Association formally published Notice on Social Credit Evaluation Result of 2016 Project Construction Enterprise in No.51 document of ZSQX ZI ......</a></p> </li>]]></record> <record><![CDATA[ <li> <h3><a href="/art/2016/12/12/art_406_6476.html">No.1 Winning Fund Product of Juneng Capital Is Successfully Set</a></h3> <div class="news_ly"><span>Source:</span> Release Time:<span class="qyxw_date">2016-12-12</span></div> <p><a href="/art/2016/12/12/art_406_6476.html"> Juneng Capital, as the private equity platform company of Shandong State-owned Assets Investment, focuses on the development concept of "expanding scale, improving efficiency, standardizing managem......</a></p> </li>]]></record> <record><![CDATA[ <li> <h3><a href="/art/2016/10/25/art_406_6477.html">Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Fisheries Co., Ltd Has Successfully Won Certification of Safety System of International Famous Classification Society</a></h3> <div class="news_ly"><span>Source:</span> Release Time:<span class="qyxw_date">2016-10-25</span></div> <p><a href="/art/2016/10/25/art_406_6477.html"> Recently, the safety management system of Shandong Zhonglu Oceanic Fisheries Co., Ltd has successfully passed the audit of the Japan Classification Society, and successfully obtained the DOC (Certi......</a></p> </li>]]></record> <record><![CDATA[ <li> <h3><a href="/art/2016/3/14/art_406_6478.html">The 1st Compensatory Capital Business of the Financial Guarantee of Our Province Is Settled</a></h3> <div class="news_ly"><span>Source:</span> Release Time:<span class="qyxw_date">2016-03-14</span></div> <p><a href="/art/2016/3/14/art_406_6478.html"> Recently, the signing representatives of Shandong Qiju Building Materials Co., Ltd., Tianjin Bank Jinan Branch formally signed on the one-year working capital loan contract of 3.75 million yuan. Th......</a></p> </li>]]></record> </recordset> </datastore>
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