Development Strategy


The company centers closely around the central and provincial authorities’ overall idea of  the deepening of the reform of state-owned enterprises and the strategic deployment of building a strong economic and cultural province proposed by provincial Party committee and provincial governments. It takes the enterprise tenet of satisfying the contributors, employees, cooperators and the society, sticks to the development idea of “innovation, coordination, green, open and share”, actively play the role of investment guidance, structural adjustment and capital management of state-owned capital, promote the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and optimize the adjustment of industrial structure, lead the economic innovation and development of the province, improve the influence and driving force of state-owned capital, constantly revitalize the stock, optimize the increment, promote the capitalization of state-owned assets and state-owned capital securitization, promote the orderly flow of state capital, optimize the state capital structure adjustment, improve the operational quality and efficiency and maximize the value of state capital.

As the only provincial state-owned capital operation and management platform, the company will firmly grasp the functional positioning of a state-owned capital operating company, maximize the value of the target, adhere to market-oriented operation, take capital operation as the center, regard cross-industry investment and asset management as the focus, adhere to the combination of development and mergers and acquisitions, combination of strategic investment and financial investment, build the four strategic capital layout of large information, big financial, big culture and big health, and constantly enhance the strategic management, capital appreciation, Innovation-driven, risk prevention and control ability. By the end of “the 13th five-year plan”, it tries to realize the strategic objective of doubling the operating income and total profits that during the “12th five-year plan” and become a domestically leading and internationally influential state-owned capital operating company.

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