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Debut in North American: Inspur OpenPOWER9 Server Has Completed OSS Adaptation

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Debut in North American: Inspur OpenPOWER9 Server Has Completed OSS Adaptation


2018 OpenPOWER summit was held in Las Vegas, the United States on March 19 (local time). Inspur showed its new server FP5280G2 based on OpenPOWER9 in the summit, which was its debut in North American. The FP5280G2 has completed mainstream OSS (open source software) application in cloud computing, big data and AI fields. POWER9 is designed for AI, cloud computing, big data and other emerging application, improving 50%-200% performance compared with POWER8.




Mass-produced OpenPOWER9 server

Has Completed Mainstream OSS Application


As a member of OpenPOWER Foundation, Inspur showed its new server FP5280G2 based on OpenPOWER9, which can expand 44 processor cores with 2TB DDR4 memory and 4 CPUs, significantly cutting the offline training time of the AI system. In addition, it adopts PCI-E4.0 and NVlink2.0, which can better solve I/O problems between different GPUs; when operating in training cases based on TensorFlow, Caffe-MPI and other mainstream frameworks, FP5280G2 can reduce 75%-90% training time compared with OpenPOWER8 platform.




It is an optimized product designed for internet operators, and has completed application and optimizing for SPARK, OpenStack, Hadoop and other main big data and cloud computing OSS as well as TensorFlow and other AI frameworks, proving better application value in cloud computing, big data and AI application scenarios. Furthermore, FP5280G2 supports 14 PCI-E SSDs, combined with high performance and reliability of POWER platform, which is an ideal platform for SQL databases of internet operators.


Nowadays, FP5280G2 server has completed the preparation for mass production, and can conduct bulk supply for users after the OpenPOWER9 server officially comes into the market.


Promotes the Intelligent Computing Diversification Ecology.


Industrial ecology is the main challenge for development of OpenPOWER, and IBM is the main global cooperation partner for Inspur, playing an important role in OpenPOWER ecology. Inspur and IBM announced to establish a joint venture company in September 2017, which aims to research, develop, product and sale servers based on the open-ended Power technology. The OpenPOWER server will be the key product for the joint venture company.




In the era of smart computing, an open and integrated computing industry ecosystem is required for diversified demands of users. OpenPOWER framework with its several unique advantages can provide a differentiated choice for customers, meanwhile, OpenPOWER itself is also an open ecology. Inspur has been developing and optimizing various solutions to promote the development of OpenPOWER ecology and its integration with other technology ecology.




In 2017, Inspur officially released the smart computing strategy and put forward the overall strategy to establish an open and integrated computing ecology. Nowadays, Inspur's computing solutions cover Xeon, Intel Atom, OpenPOWER, ARM and other technical classification, as well as MIC/GPU/FPGA and other heterogeneous technology, which is one of the manufacturers with the most complete computing solutions.


Enhance AI Business

The promotion of OpenPOWER ecology by Inspur will enhance its AI business. At present, Inspur is the supplier with the most complete AI computing platform in the industry, and also the manufacturer with the highest share of AI server. More than 90% AI training platform of Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and other internet operators are provided by Inspur.


Inspur's AI training program covers various demands from small-scale sample training to super-large-scale model training of one hundred billion samples and trillion-parameter level; in addition, Inspur also developed AIstation and other AI platform software, preliminarily forming a hardware-software integration AI platform technology system.


Compared with other platform, POWER9 can support PIC-E4.0, NVlink2.0 and other new I/O protocols more quickly, better showing its application performance in AI and other applications. Based on OpenPOWER9 server, Inspur will provide more choices for internet operators promote its AI business.


Inspur - the Server Leader under New Pattern


In recent years, Inspur has been growing consistently. According to Worldwide Server Market Report 2017 released by Gartner, a global analysis agency, Inspur ranked the third in the world, first in China with the fastest growth rate in the world.



It is worth mentioning that Inspur's rapid development depends on its unique JDM model. Focusing on application and centering on the product innovation and solution delivery for cloud computing, internet and AI application, the JDM model is based on the integration of Inspur and customer industry chains to provide services for development, production, supply and operation & maintenance according to detailed business of customers, creating the closest relationship with customers. In the future, Inspur will increase investment abidingly to provide more advanced and diversified computing power support for customers.



















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