Qingdao Oceanic Fishery Company

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Qingdao Oceanic Fishery Company was established on July 4, 1950, with the registered capital of 80 million yuan. Business scope: marine animal and plant fishing; contracting of foreign offshore fishing; fishing wheel manufacturing and cold storage design and installation works, domestic and international bidding works, equipment, materials exports required by the overseas projects, external dispatch of labor service personnel involved in the implementation of the overseas project; services for the external labor; import and export business; self-owned housing leasing; branch management: wholesale and retail, aquatic products, building materials, electrical equipment, daily necessities, stationery, net equipment, rope gong, needle textiles, food and beverage, fish material, food and beverage, food refrigeration and processing, fish meal production, refrigeration installation and equipment maintenance, housing maintenance, decoration construction, automobile, motorcycle repair, vehicle cleaning, metal products processing, marine animal breeding. Qualification: offshore fishing enterprise qualification certificate; foreign contracted project qualification certificate; import and export enterprise qualification certificate; customs import and export goods consignee and customs declaration registration certificate; self-examination and inspection unit registration certificate; food circulation permit; Inspection station approved qualification certificate.

Address: No.4 Changshan Road, Shibei District, Qingdao City

Tel: 0532-82828313

Fax: 0532-82824655

E-mail: qygsbgs@163.com

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