Shandong Provincial Light Industry Supply & Marketing General Corp

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Shandong Provincial Light Industry Supply & Marketing General Corp. was established on April 2, 1987, with the registered capital of 10.16 million yuan. Business scope: pre-license business projects: wholesale and retail of mixed fuel oil sales, pre-packaged food, bulk food. General business items: sales of metal materials, building materials, general machinery, automobiles and accessories, electrical machinery and equipment, textiles, timber sales, agricultural and sideline products (excluding special goods), animal and vegetable oils (for industrial use), daily necessities, computers and accessories, pulp and paper, paper and paper products, chemical materials (excluding chemical dangerous goods); the import and export business within the scope; technology consulting services; housing leasing, property management (with qualification certificate business); advertising business. Qualification: food circulation permit.

Address: No.342, Quancheng Road, Jinan City

Tel: 0531-86072364

Fax: 0531-86922015



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