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Shandong State-owned Asset Investment Holding Co.,Ltd. Signed a Strategic Cooperative Agreement with Longgang Holding

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On the morning of June9, Shandong State-owned Asset Investment Holding Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperative agreement with Longgang Holding at Shandong Mansion in Jinan. Both sides will cooperate deeply in the fields of capital operation, tourism development and industrial funds by giving full play to mutual resource advantage.
As the only provincial state-owned capital operation company in Shandong, Shandong State-owned Asset Investment Holding Co., Ltd. has been playing an important role in investment and financing, capital operation and assets management by conducting strategic purpose, driving innovative economic development all through the province. Longgang Holding, as the most influential enterprise in Shandong as well as the whole country, was listed in the stock market of NEEQ in the early 2017 and successfully made “First Stock in Chinese Tourism Cave”.Its performance and profit level top the list in the industry. In the cooperation, Shandong State-owned Asset Investment Holding Co., Ltd. first planned to participate in private placement of Longgang tourism and gradually conducted deep joint venture cooperation. Both sides were dedicated to making Longgang Holding first-class tourism enterprises in China and actively built key carrier and leading strength of tourism industry new kinetic energy all across the province, making efforts to make it the biggest touring cave operator all across China.
Relevant leaders from general office of the provincial government, provincial tourism development committee, provincial state-owned capital committee, Linyi City and Yishui County attended and witnessed the signingceremony.

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