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Inspur Gains the Large-scale First-level Enterprise Qualification of Domestic First Batch of Information System Integration and Service

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On December 8, China Electronic Information Industry Association Information System Integration Qualification Office officially issued the first batch certificate of "information system integration and service large-scale enterprise qualification". With a strong comprehensive strength, Inspur has gained the qualification. This is another highest qualification in 2013 after Inspur gained the super first-level qualification of national systematic integration in the field of software and information system integration service.

Since August 2016, China Information Technology Industry Federation has started certification and review work of large-scale first-level enterprise qualification. It aims to develop certification admission of qualification, cultivates a batch of credible and large-sized local cloud computing service provider, makes the integrated enterprise of computer information system bigger and stronger so as to satisfy the national demands of large-scale, complicated and important information system construction and information safety.

The "information system integration and service large-scale enterprise qualification" certificate this time means that Inspur has possessed the capacity of national major information engineering project of our country. In the future, Inspur will continue to strengthen independent innovation, jointly create the complete, independent IT industry chain of upstream and downstream manufacturers and accelerate the strategic process of network power.

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