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Inspur Won the Award of the Influencing Enterprise of China Information Industry in 2016

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On December 23, Annual Economic Meeting of 2016 China Information Industry was held in Beijing. Known as the "development benchmark of China's information industry", China's Annual Economic Meeting of 2016 China Information Industry has become the annual meeting with the largest information industry scale and the greatest influence in our country. Inspur won the award of the Influencing Enterprise of China Information Industry in 2016; Wang Hongtian, senior deputy president of Inspur won the award of “2016 Leading Figure of Chinese Information Industry”. The cloud computing, large data field achievements made by Inspur in the year has once again gained a high degree of recognition in the industry.

Inspur continues to deepen the cloud computing strategy with data as the core in 2016, centers on the three focuses of the cloud data center, cloud services, big data to conduct innovation of core technology and business model and construction of capacity system, continue to maintain the leading manufacturer status in the domestic cloud computing and big data field. The market occupancy of Inspur ranks the first in the political affair cloud service. In the public cloud and private cloud field, it has passed the first batch of strengthened qualification review of cloud computing service ability of MITT. Meanwhile, it has passed the certification of 5 credible cloud products. It is the only cloud service manufacturer that has passed the safety test of credible cloud and gold medal maintenance certificate. It has provided the political affair cloud service for clients in 109 provinces and cities. “Political cloud” proposed by Inspur has been recorded in Baidu Baike, marking that the concept of “political cloud” has won recognition of the industry; the brand strength is really influential.

In the field of big data, after putting forward the “Internet” and “data” of the society this year, Inspur has made for the forward-looking concept of “data socialization”. At present, Inspur has successfully set up the big data platform of 27 provincial and municipal governments nationwide and realized the sharing and joint use of data, which has sorted 8100 types of data collections for the hospital, human resources and society security, transportation for Guangzhou and collected over 3 million data. Meanwhile, Inspur has jointly carried out the original competition of data openness application for the municipal governments including Qingdao and Wuxi and kept promoting the socialized development and utilization of political affair data resources, which plays a positive role in promoting information benefit, mass innovation and boosting the industry development of big data.

In order to promote the data transaction and realize the commercialization of the data, Inspur has specially built the "Tianyuan Data Network", which provides a comprehensive and powerful support for the registration, confirmation, valuation, transaction and auditing of data. It has gathered nearly 20,000 trading users and more than 50,000 "creators" to conduct online use of these data to make innovations. In the Inspur World Conference just ended in this October, Inspur has formally launched “Inspur Big Data Initiative Plan”, announcing that in the future, it would invest 10 billion yuan to set up a "big data innovation fund". It will set up 100 creator centers in 100 cities nationwide, plan to set up 100 data places, support 10,000 creators and drive employment of 1 million.

With the data as the support, “love city network” all-weather one-stop public service platform that Inspur innovatively creates redefines the political affair APP and becomes the important support for intelligent city construction. In Jinan, "love city network" APP has become the official platform for the 12345 Citizen Service Hotline, not only achieving online government, becoming the "Pocket Hall" that the public trust, but also docking with the 12345 Mayor Hotline and becoming the new window for the citizens to provide feedback for problems online in time. It helps the government deeply know about the social issues and public opinion orientations and is gradually becoming the practitioner of urban management and service in Jinan.

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