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Wang Endong, Chief Scientist of Inspur Group Was Elected as Academician of CAE(Chinese Academy of Engineering)

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On December 7, the increased election list of CAE was officially released; Wang Endong, chief scientist of our company's holding company Inspur was elected and became the first academician in the history of Inspur.

Academician Wang Endong worked in Inspur after graduating from Tsinghua University in 1991 and gradually became the leader of the server industry of Inspur, boosting Chinese server industry from zero to existence, from smallness to bigness, from follow to surpassing and making Chinese server enter the world top camp. It has effective promoted the process of building China's information technology and relied on independent innovation to defend the national information security.

Academician Wang Endong is currently the chief scientist of Inspur, director of the State Key Laboratory of High Performance Server and Storage Technology, specialist of Advanced Computing Topic of 863 Program, chief scientist of 973 Project "Cloud Computing Basic Applied Technology Research". He has long been engaged in server system structure design; key technology research and engineering work and is China's server technology leader and industry pioneer. He has presided over the development of China's first 32-way high-end fault-tolerant computer system, which has been widely used. He has made significant contributions to the independent innovation, technological progress and industrial development of the field. He published 22 papers, published 3 monographs, 24 patents authorizing China and the United States. He has won one first prize of the national scientific and technological progress award, two second prizes, seven provincial science and technology progress awards. He once won the He Liang&He Li scientific and technological innovation award and the highest prize of Shandong province science and technology. He also won the honorary titles like 100 Million Talent Engineering National-level Candidate, Leading Talent of Scientific Innovation of National Special Plan, thus having made important contributions to China's computer technology and independent innovation.

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